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Monthly Report Template

A monthly report template is a written document that provides updates on variety of information ranging from the latest financial information to the existing status of a task or project. Usually it is snapshot of performance that present in the management information system at the last day of the month. Generally a project managers or project directors use these reports to inform supervisor or client of the status or progress of one or multiple projects which helps the management to track accountability and make sure that the initiatives are constructive. These monthly reports are also use to show the posted revenue and expense transaction for one month period for a particular project.

Generally these reports are based on one calendar month and normally are turned within a one week after the month has ended and report should be kept one to two pages that is easily edible information. Writing a monthly report template for the management is very important so keep things brief or to the point while providing all necessary information that management and executive staff are probably want to see. Therefore status updates in maintaining communication and large number of projects running in same time in many organizations so a monthly report is usually the only documentation that executives are likely to see about each project.


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