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Weekly Report Template


A weekly report template is an ordinary report which enables managers or supervisor to track their employee’s performance and progress at all scales. Usually it is meant to convey the status of current activities or project. The report can apply either to a single employee or a group of employees. These reports are very common […]

Self Assessment Template


A self assessment template is a process in which evaluation of an individual or activity for official purposes. In this procedure the managers also judge their effectiveness of their performance in all areas of responsibility and also explain what improvements are required. A self assessment template is not test while it is a best way […]

Impact Assessment Template


An impact assessment template is a process which measures the efficacy of present projects and defines the importance of changes which is brought by those projects. These documents are used to assess the outcome of the projects. The assessment is directly linked to the project that probably charge to the organization. Manage to assess and […]

11 Request Forms

1- Service Request Form The action of helping or doing work for someone like repair work. Service request application form use to make request regarding picking up bulk items household items. Through online service request form any person, taken specific services like requesting new laptop, foods items, general items, or use to adding a new […]

4 Feedback Forms

1- Blank Feedback Form Feed back is one of the most effective sources to get the valuable comments on any product or service provided by you. It allows you to understand the requirements and views of the customers.  This can be very helpful to improvise the level of your services as well as the business………More? […]

2 Employment Forms

1- Employment identification Form When company hired a new person on a job then company required that employee provide prove that they are the legally entitled work in the country. An employment eligibility verification form must be completed and kept on file by the employer………More? 2- Job Leave Form Such type of form is written by […]

5 Consent Forms

1- Blank Consent Form Consent form is use for the permission of the parents or guardians. When your child wants to do something that is under the 18 years. This gives a child the opportunity to decide if they want to take part, and to decline if they are not interested………More? 2- Medical Consent Form […]

8 Complaint Forms

1- Civil Complaint Form This is a form in which one party writes about damages that are happen by other party. It contains all details of both parties. Causes of damages and role of both parties also clearly mention in it. This form is submitted in to court. Date of submission is also mention in […]

11 Expense Claim Forms

1- Tax Refund Claim Form Tax claim form used by the organization that pays the excess tax during the accounting year. Through this form applicant claim to income tax department for tax refund attach the document as proof in which excess tax is paid. Only that company claim excess tax refund that is registered under […]

18 Business Forms

1- Promissory Note Form A written promise to pay money that is often used as a means to borrow money or take out a loan. In this note an individual who promises to pay the money to its maker. The person who promises to pay the money is known as payee or holder. Promissory note is […]

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